Richmond, VA

During guided tours and hands-on, interactive programs, students become historians, exploring primary source documents and artifacts to delve deeply into the human stories of the Civil War.

History matters

Through exhibits and programming at three distinct locations in Virginia, the American Civil War Museum strives to foster exploration of the causes, courses, and legacies of the War from diverse perspectives. Using artifacts and documents in our collection, students can uncover the far-reaching effects of some of the choices people made.

A unique window into understanding and exploring the Civil War

Our youth programming lets students step into the past, allowing them to see themselves as a part of history rather than an observer. Programs invite students to encounter the actual places and objects at the center of the most important events of the Civil War.  

Programming complements Virginia SOL and Common Core standards

Programming at the American Civil War Museum also incorporates 21st century and historical thinking skills. Using historical and critical thinking skills, students investigate peoples’ lives, the impact of war, and how echoes from the past surround us.